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D.Sc. Viktor Artemchuk

Viktor Artemchuk

Seit Mai 2022 ist D.Sc. Viktor Artemchuk am Fachgebiet Schienenfahrzeuge als Gastwissenschaftler geschäftigt. Er ist voraussichtlich bis November 2011 am Fachgebiet tätigt.

Dr.-Ing. Joon Hyuk Park

Dr. Joon Hyuk Park

Dr. Joon Hyuk Park has been a Guest Researcher in FG Schienenfahrzeuge since 04.01.2022.

He received Ph.D and master’s degree from Yonsei University, Seoul, Republic of Korea in 2005 and 2000 after his bachelor’s degree from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Mechanical Engineering

Since 2006, he is a principal researcher at the High-speed Railroad Researcher Department in Korea Railroad Research Institute. His research interests are related to railroad vehicle dynamics including analysis and evaluation of running behavior, optimal design of suspension, adoption of active control.

Dr.-Ing. Hyo-In Koh

Dr. Hyo-In Koh

Dr. Hyo-In Koh has been a Guest Researcher in FG Schienenfahrzeuge since 04.01.2022.

She received her Magister & Ph.D degree from Technical University of Berlin in 2001 and 2004 in Technische Akustik and Kommunikationswissenschaft. In 03.2021 she received the Researcher Award from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Since 2004, she is a principal researcher at the Transportation Environmental Research Team in Korea Railroad Research Institute. Her research interests are related to railroad acoustics and noise reduction of railways. She has been a professor at University of Science and Technology of Republic of Korea since 2005.

Yichang Zhou, M.Sc.

Yichang Zhou

Yichang Zhou has been a doctoral candidate in the Department of Rail Vehicles since 2019.

He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Jilin University in 2016.  In his undergraduate design, he developed a test platform for detecting the tyre rotation angle in the commercial software Solidworks. He received the master’s degree from Southwest Jiaotong University in 2019. His master's thesis was to investigate the influence of heavy haul locomotive’s parameters on the stability of the carbody−coupler coupling system.

His doctoral work in this department focused on the longitudinal train dynamics, including analysis of in-train forces during traction and braking, design of wagon connection system (couplers and draft gears), and study of endurable longitudinal compressive forces for wagons negotiating S-shaped curves. Automatic train operation and application of small-diameter wheels are potential areas of his research.

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